April 11, 2018


All of us probably hate the idea of going out and playing on a chilly evening. So, at this time we need some sports that can be played well indoors. No need to give any more excuses to your friends. Just say a yes, and move forward with the game. Just forbid the cold and keep yourself super cozy. There a line of the most popular games that can be played well at home with super comfort.


We like the idea of playing inside only when it is super cold. But, there are other times as well to try out with these games. Do we really like the idea of banging our heads on the study table just for tee reason that we do not have enough time to seek for a play outside? So, it is the right time to choose indoors. Welcome to know about the best indoor games.
  1. Trampolining-
This game not only gives the best exercise but also is found to be a super enjoyable one in the form of twisting and turning with the whole body. All the positions can be excellently tried out in this game. The body starts bouncing and feeling free and improving the coordination of the body parts. This also helps improve the balance of the body. The game is a most popular one because it can be played well in spare times. This excellent game is also being taught at the fitness centers in many countries to increase the body fitness in a newer playful way.
  1. Cycling-
This is one of the best game and exercise one can easily try out. Whenever someone is depressed, it is the best idea to grab a bicycle and try a day out. The obsession will be all over at once. The rides with a bicycle are quite different from that of a bike. A bicycle soothes the body and hence relaxing each part of the body. There are cycling fitness centers as well in many countries to train in a proper manner to participate in the best cycling completion. One of the popular examples of the competition with the cycle is the “Tour de France” which is famous all around the world. To be true, cycling can be taken to be a beautiful indoor sport to keep one fit and fine.
  1. Futsal-
This is yet another special game to freak out someone. Whenever someone is bored up with soccer, it is the best option to try out with Futsal. This is played on a muddy ground with a group of 5 players only on either side. The game is purely an indoor one and is also too fit and find one to make someone agile and teach some of the best technical skills. These days even shot time games involving men and women are played in different parts of the world to make the game a popular one.
  1. Badminton
Badminton is a special indoor game that requires only a short time concentration on the ball and the competitor on the other side. Though the popularity of this indoor game is reducing these days, yet this game is played in many parts of the world with great efforts. In a nation like England, there is about 20000 badminton courts and coaches for teaching people this beautiful game. This game can be taken to be a perfect one to be played in all weather conditions.
  1. Urban golf
This is a perfect game that can be played on the fields rather than free in the ice cold conditions. Easy swings can be made out of this game in an extraordinary manner. This game is a quite popular one who wants o spend their beautiful weekend’s right at their home. There are still many sports that can be played right at home or in your immediate lawn. So, never be depressed on a scorching sunny day or on a wintery night. Sports hold their values in every weather. Rather, the sports are built with valuable conditions just for the betterment of the health conditions equally in every season.


Sports are an essential one to keep us healthy, fit and fine on a daily basis. No matter whatever the day is, each day can be a very special one with such beautiful indoor games. Don’t be an ideal couch potato like the others. It will only make you obese with all the other high peaked health problems. Just go out and make your day!
April 11, 2018


Some of the sports are quite uncommon ones. The sports that are included in this category are rarely practiced. But it can be challenged that if one had tried out with these games, it would have made an exceptional sporting event. The origin of these sports is at such places that they did not have an opportunity to become popular or rather, the practices are tough will less available equipment.


In spite of the unusuality, one must try playing with these games. Only the unusual activities can bring the greatest enjoyment. So, no more waiting, just go out with your friends.
  1. Sepak Takraw
The origin of this sport is in South East Asia. This game is quite similar to volleyball. But it is quite different from volleyball because of the organs that are needed in this game. The players cannot use hands rather have to go with feet, knees, chest to spin the balls and roll it to the other players. The International Sepak Takraw Federation held this match every year.
  1. Tuna tossing
This game had originated in South Australia. This game had an inspiration from the local fishermen tossing their fish to the trucks. From here began this sport in the form of a festival and is still followed.
  1. Toe wrestling
Everyone is quite familiar with the “wrestling match”. But did you ever hear of a toe wrestling? The motto of this sport is to nail the opponent by defending oneself using the toes. The players need to be bare feet and need to counter strike the opponent by quickly changing the legs. This sport as once a famous one.
  1. Ostrich racing
Racing an ostrich is quite strange. The property of ostriches running up to 43 miles per hour is taken as the clue for this sport. During this sport, the person has to sit on the ostrich making it run with a great speed to win the match.
  1. Chessboxing-
The game is quite an unusual for one having the combination of both chess and boxing. The game is played in alternate rounds of chess and boxing. This game is played In many countries though the popularity is limited.
  1. Wife carrying
This is a funny sport that has its origin in Finland. The sport is played in teams. The game is in a fashion that a man needs to carry his wife (legally may not be married) on his back and race. In case a man drops the wife by accident, he has to pay a penalty.
  1. Elephant polo
This polo is an unusual polo which is played by climbing on an elephant. This sport is too unusual and is also an exciting one. The game was previously popular in India, Nepal, and Thailand but has lost its value now. It is hard to predict the beauty of such games in a person’s life until they are tried. So, when a trial is made it can be the greatest scope for enjoyment.


Some people suggest that there is a need to bring back these sports. The present generation is too addicted to social networking. Trying out such super funny unusual sports can be a great one to relax as well as add newness to life. Though there are short time competitions, with time the sports are losing their values.


Sports if played on a daily basis, may figure out to be the best pass times. But, unfortunately, these days’ people are least interested to go out and play. Though sports have a real value in term of those that are played at an international level or national level, some of the other sports are becoming extinct. In the earlier days, people led happy lifestyles with a lot of sports to recreate them. If the same is followed once again, it will surely be a boost to the mind and the body.
April 11, 2018


Sports on snow can be the most exciting holiday charms. All over the world, this has been a charming one that is played with great enthusiasm in elongated ice rinks. You can book a flight to your nearest hill station to enjoy the best ice sport in a chilly winter. This article will deal with some of the best sport that can make you admire the snow to be your favorite playground.


the Ice sport can be played with various techniques. The techniques are the most suitable one to give the charms of a pure ice sport.
  • Snowboarding
This is quite similar to that of a surfing in the water. Snowboarding features to move through the ice using the boards in a manner of just speeding up with the skateboards. The speedy skateboards can drive one crazy with the sport. The person trying this wonderful sport must be very cautious with his firm legs to give a nice feel.
  • Ice skiing
It is the funniest snow sport. People move with their skiing equipment in a queue one after the other to win the race. In this, they also sometimes hit against each other. However, if this is taken in a serious manner, this sport can turn out to be the best one. Proper skiing training is given at hill stations with expert instructors to learn the sport. However one must be very careful with the sport so that they accidentally do not go on slopes from where they can be never rescued.
  • Snowshoeing
This is a perfect spot for hiking in long platforms covered with ice. This sport can be an exciting one to be in touch with nature. At certain hill stations, even races with snowshoes are practiced for sprinters. This game is a very popular one which comprises of sprints and hurdles. These competitions are usually for 100 meters of track.
  • Ski Jump
This is a tough yet much thrilling one. A person does not require having a parachute with himself for skiing. This is a crazy sport that is designed only for a ski. A person who is playing this game needs to jump with his ski and fly over to land at some other location. But precautions are a must. This sport is a risky one for beginners and must be practiced under the supervision of an expert. Some of the best Olympic ski jumpers can jump up to a distance of 200 meters.
  • Ice hockey
This is a sport that is followed by a team and is usually played in a rink. The game is played with eth use of sticks and also a vulcanized rubber puck. The sport usually comprises of six players in each group. The players are in the form of a goaltender and the other five players who skate to their best levels to try out their scores. There are many other sports besides the above-mentioned ones. These include fat biking, ice boating, Biathlon, Shovel racing, Skate skiing, snow polo and an endless lot of games. All of them can be equally well to give a thrilling sensation.


Avoiding the risks is an essential one to be kept in mind while trying the snow sports. There are some precautions that will work the best for everyone
  • Appropriate clothing and protective gear can be the best measure. One must also avoid consumption of liquors and especially alcohol intake. Alcohol is responsible for uneasy vision.
  • A skiing sport that is not well trained must not be entertained all of a sudden. One must begin with smaller steps.
  • The weather conditions must be known before trying out any of the sports. Sometimes rough weathers may bring death with itself.
Proper training period with appropriate skills and weather conditions is a perfect condition o practice any winter sport. Winter sports can be a pleasure some moment. It can be an awesome moment both with family and friends. So, hit any winter location with covered ice caps that will suit the best holiday pass time.